Bike Trails: New Jersey (click once on any photo to display full image)
June - October 2018
New Jersey  Pennsylvania
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NJ & PA Bike Trails

This summer and early fall we spent almost every weekend riding our mountain bikes totaling 850 miles on various trails in the local NJ and PA areas. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of trails that existed right in “our own backyard” spanning the gamut from the lesser known (and one of our personal favorites) Ironton Rail Trail to the more popular Delaware & Raritan Canal and Delaware & Lehigh Canal Trails.

New Jersey

Our early rides of the year in June were on trails within a half hour drive from our house, like this 9 mile Union Transportation Trail. As was the case for almost all of the trails we were on, this mileage is one-way, so for us to ride out and back, the total mileage was twice that.


On Father’s Day weekend we did a 10 mile section of the 69.5 mile Delaware & Raritan Canal Trail. The ride on the tow path along the Raritan Canal was very scenic. In addition to fish swimming in the canal and turtles sunbathing on logs, the path also cut through a golf course and passed by a lake skirted with lovely homes.


Our ride on a clear hot day at Sandy Hook provided a great view of New York City (photo on left). Surprisingly the trail also had bike maintenance stations equipped with an air pump, bike stand, and various tools such as Allen wrenches and pedal wrenches for emergency repairs (photo on right).


Although most of the time we did easy rides on relatively flat and wide paved or cinder trails, occasionally we would put our mountain biking skills to the test and venture onto more challenging hilly, twisty, bumpy, rutty, and narrow dirt single-track. Click the following link to view a video of Mo in action on the “tougher“ terrain in Turkey Swamp Park.

A 10 mile loop ride at Duke’s Farm in early September featured the most amazing display of greenhouse orchids we ever saw!